Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Internet and Marketing Research

With improvements over the years in technology, it is no surprise that marketing research would also be affected.  Market researchers can now use the Internet to conduct online surveys, focus groups, panels, research, etc.

Web Survey Systems allow researchers to create and conduct surveys online.  Unfortunately, they will not provide you with a sample to survey, but they will give you the tools to conduct your survey.  One specific website on which you can do this is  This website will help you design, collect, and analyze data.

It is important to remember when conducting any survey that you should ask the correct questions when surveying a sample.  On their Youtube channel, SurveyMonkey provides us with a video entitled "5 Questions to Ask for Survey Success."  The five questions they believe we should ask are "How?" "Where?" "Who?" "When?" and "What?"

After viewing this video, do you agree with their rational?  Why or why not?


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