Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Response to Kaley Deboer

Do you think the cleverness of this commercial is a beneficial way for a company to advertise, or do you think the commercial puts too much emphasize on the other product over the one it is actually trying to promote?

I think that the cleverness of this commercial could be beneficial for a company, but I think that mostly it puts too much emphasis on the other product.  Because the majority of this commercial was focused on the Pillsbury Dough Boy, most of the time I spent thinking about the Pillsbury products that I could be eating.  GIECO only brought the focus onto themselves for a short time at the end.  This advertising might work if the major company chose to use a less iconic symbol, but because the Dough Boy is so iconic all the viewer can focus on is Pillsbury products.

What other commercials can you find where this type of advertising was used?  Do you believe that these commercials were successful or unsuccessful?  Why or why not?

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