Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In response to Jonathan Tomachick

Do you find yourself doing the same when you shop? Have you ever had to cut another shopping trip short because of splurging for sale items the week prior?

Just like many other consumers, I get caught up in sales.  I work in a grocery store and I constantly find myself leaving work with items that I didn't intend to buy because I noticed during my shift that they were on sale.  The funny part is that the majority of the time I don't even end up using what I bought so I ended up actually wasting money instead of saving it.  

I have never found myself having to cut shopping trips short because of prior weeks sales, but rather I find myself having to cut shopping trips short because of the current weeks sales.  

One thing that working in a grocery store has made me wonder is how much is enough when it comes to sales.  I have watched a lot of people come in and buy a ridiculous amount of sale items, or items that they have coupons for, that I know they will never be able to use.  Just because an item is on sale does not mean that the item is necessary.  

I definitely believe that here in America we buy items just because they are on sale, and not necessarily because we need them.   Can you think of other countries where this is true?  Can you think of other countries in which their culture prevents them from buying lots of items that they don't need just because they're on sale?

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