Friday, February 8, 2013

Response to Tammy Chou

"CSR has four components: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic. Which responsibility do you think is right for the society? Do you think different businesses would act upon it?"

I believe that it is a mixture of all four components of Corporate Social Responsibility (economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic) that is what is right for society considering that corporate social responsibility itself is a business's concern for society's welfare.  

Philanthropic responsibilities are about being a good corporate citizen.  Corporations take on philanthropic responsibilities by contributing resources to the community and improving the quality of life of society.  Because large corporations have so much power in society they should take on philanthropic responsibilities.

Ethical responsibilities are about doing what is ethical, which means that a corporation is doing what is right, just, fair, and avoiding harm.  

Legal responsibilities are about obeying the law, doing what is legally considered right and not wrong.  If corporations don't do what is right legally they will most likely have to suffer the legal consequences.

Finally, economic responsibilities are about being profitable.  If a corporation isn't profitable they won't succeed.

Businesses should act upon all of these responsibilities because combined they improve society as a whole.
What are some examples of large corporations taking on corporate social responsibilities?

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