Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Response to Melissa Moriwaki

If logos had always been more simple, without hidden messages or clever abstract symbols, what effect do you think it would have on brand recognition today?

As I looked through the logos on the website that Melissa shared, I kept thinking how simple,yet clever these logos were.  I also thought about how these clever logos actually made me want to utilize the product or service that these companies were providing, even though I hadn't even heard of a lot of them.  With their hidden messages and clever abstract symbols I found that these logos were extremely memorable.

I believe that without hidden messages or clever abstract symbols brand recognition would not be the same today.  Of course we will remember the logos of really large, popular companies such as the McDonald's Golden Arches, but for brand recognition smaller companies need to get whatever competitive edge they can.  If these companies didn't use hidden messages and clever abstract symbols they would be easily forgettable.  Had the logos on the website not have been so clever I wouldn't have thought twice about them.  But, because these companies took the time to make clever logos they have made themselves memorable.  People take an extra second to look at the logo and understand it.  If it's funny sometimes they show others.  The logo then becomes recognizable to them because it made an impression.   Without the clever logos small companies may not be remembered.

What is a company that has made a lasting impression on you with a hidden message or clever abstract symbol in their logo?  Even if that company produces a product or service that wasn't quite as good as the competition, were they more memorable to you because of their logo?

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