Thursday, January 31, 2013

Response to Kaley Deboer

I agree with Kaley that customer satisfaction and customer value can be linked together.  I believe that she made an interesting and valid point by suggesting that customer satisfaction occurs after a product or service is obtained where as customer value is considered before a product or service is obtained.  I would have never thought about it in this way, but I completely agree with the idea.

I also agree with Kaley's opinion that in a perfect world customer value would be evaluated before a product or service is purchased, which I believe would increase customer satisfaction.  They could look at the price and read reviews from other customers about the product or service.  They should also consider if whether or not they actually need the product or service and think about the benefits that the product or service will create for them.  If a customer were to evaluate the value in a product before buying it they may discover that is not in fact going to satisfy them and there would be less customer dissatisfaction.  The exception to this, of course, Kaley mentioned in her post.  A customer may value something higher before purchasing it, and then discover that it doesn't meet up to their standards, which would lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Have you ever had a personal experience where you fully evaluated the value of a product or service before purchasing it ended up being satisfied with your purchase?  On the other hand, have you ever had an experience where you evaluated the value of a product or service prior to purchasing it and ended up dissatisfied?

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